How to Increase Customer Acquisition Through Automation


Once upon a time, in a land far far away (well, in the midwestern USA), there was a printer who was anxiously awaiting the final decision of a potential client. If things went well, this would be their biggest deal to date. But the days went on and on until they finally received the long-awaited email. “We’ve decided to go with someone else” the email read. How could this happen? they asked themselves. “Although we were impressed with your facilities, we feel as though your methods of quality control are not at the level we would like ” the email continued. “We’ve experienced recalls in the past and we just can’t risk them”. 

Unfortunately, situations like this are not uncommon in today’s supplier landscape. As competition between brands increase, so does the demand for high-quality labels and packaging. This means that companies are expanding their requirements when it comes to selecting suppliers or manufacturers for their jobs. Aside from the obvious requirements like cost and turnaround time, many companies look for the added assurance that extensive quality checks are being conducted in the production facility.

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